Worshipping Outside

Worship Outside

The opportunity to worship outside provides a space for congregation members to encounter nature, to realize that the holy is experienced outside of the sacred space of the sanctuary, and to connect worship with creation care. Remember the Earth is our true sanctuary as we worship with the choir of all creation.


Summer Outdoor Worship or Anytime. In warmer weather in the northern hemisphere, we have an easier opportunity to connect our worship services with our creation-care focus by getting outdoors amid nature to worship! Nevertheless, anytime can be an opportunity to immerse out worship in nature.


Ideas for Outdoor Worship:

·         Begin worship with a procession around the church building

·          Have an entire service in a open space on your church campus

·         Go to a nearby park or to a body of water for a worship service.

·         Consider doing a prayer- walk through a nearby arboretum or nature sanctuary.

·         Maybe it's at a lakeside or surrounded by the hymns of birds on your own church lawn.

·         Perhaps you gather at a Bible camp or worship at a park campground.

Get to know your Earth Community. Use the opportunity outside to introduce your congregation to other members of your Earth Community--some of the trees, shrubbery, flowers and even animals that share your space.