Water Month Form Letter

Water Month

Form Letter to Elected Representatives


The following is intended to be used as a template for letters to be written by members of the congregation to elected representatives at any level.  Ideally, letters should be handwritten and in the words of the writer.  Furthermore, letters should address local issues or specific bills, wherever applicable.


(Address of




Dear (Representative):


Thank you for your service on behalf of the public.  This letter is to urge you to promote the sustainability of waterways as well as global water accessibility.


Water contamination jeopardizes water supplies for human use, but also damages wildlife habitats and endangers ecosystems.  Furthermore, many people, especially those living in poverty, struggle to meet their water needs.  Approximately 884 million people lack access to improved water sources,[1] and two million children die each year from infections spread by dirty water and lack of access to decent sanitation.[2]


I am deeply concerned that current water usage patterns as well as global climate change are exacerbating the Earth’s water crisis.  As a member of (Name of) Church, I believe that streams, rivers, wetlands, lakes, and oceans are God’s good creation, and it is the work of humankind to protect them, for the sake of our future and the future of all living things.


Thus, I ask that you take adequate steps to protect waterways from harm, especially (local waterways).  Furthermore, I ask that you promote water accessibility projects worldwide that maximize sustainability and minimize adverse effects on the natural world.  Finally, I urge you to endorse policies intended to curb global climate change.

Thank you again.