Transportation Month Form Letter to Elected Representatives

Transportation Month

Form Letter to Elected Representatives

The following is intended to be used as a template for letters to be written by members to elected representatives at any level. Ideally, letters should be handwritten and in the words of the writer. Furthermore, letters should address local issues or specific bills, wherever applicable.

(Address of



Dear (Representative):

Thank you for your service on behalf of the public. This letter is to urge you to promote sustainable transportation policies. According to the EPA, the transportation sector accounts for approximately 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions and is the fastest-growing major source of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles increased by 19% between 1990 and 2003.[8]

I am deeply concerned that current transportation habits are contributing to climate change and the degradation of the earth. As a member of (Name of) Church, I believe that the earth is God’s creation, and it is the work of humankind to cultivate and care for it.

Thus, I ask that you adequately fund existing public transportation, maintain sidewalks and bicycle paths, and support projects for improved accessibility to public and alternative transportation. Furthermore, I ask that you promote development projects that maximize sustainability and minimize adverse effects on the natural world. Finally, I urge you to endorse policies that promote the production and use of renewable energies.

Thank you again.





[1] Genesis 2:15.