Transportation Month at Resurrection Lutheran, Racine, WI

Transportation Month: June, 2011

Resurrection Lutheran Church in Racine, WI.

Bulletin Announcement for May 29th

Transportation Month is Coming

June is Transportation Month at our Church! Resurrection’s Green Team is working with Racine Green Congregations to help us learn more about how our vehicles are affecting our environment. For example, our cars are responsible for approximately 51% of our household greenhouse gas emissions, contributing a great deal to climate change and ecological degradation. As we strive to care for creation as well as explore new ways to be in community with the human and nonhuman world around us, members are encouraged to walk, bicycle, take public transportation, or carpool to church during Transportation Month.

Bulletin Entry June 5

Saving Energy and Sharing Our Ideas

Welcome to Transportation Month! As members of Racine Green Congregations, our Green Team is participating in special project to help us as we strive to care for creation by using alternative forms of transportation this month. Some good news is that by leaving our vehicle at home just two days a week will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,600 pounds per year!*

This month we are asking all our parishioners to find ways to save energy and decrease our emissions. On June 26th, we would like all of us to share our gas saving ideas by writing them down on the cards and placing them in the collection plate. There will be a drawing for gift cards for some people who shared their ideas. The ten best ideas will be printed in the Church Bulletin. Good luck.


Bulletin Entry Sunday, June 12

The Energy-Saving Bikes Are Here and the New Green Cars Are Coming

This is the second week of Transportation Month. The most energy efficient means of transportation are bicycles, and we have some new models on exhibit here at church for you to examine. Many thanks to Racine Cyclery for providing the exhibit for this week.

New “green cars”, while not as efficient as pedal-power, do get more miles per gallon than older cars by using advanced technologies. They are becoming more and more popular – especially with the high gas prices. Next weekend, June 18th and 19th, several of the newer more efficient cars for Racine dealerships will be on exhibit here at Resurrection for you examine. Our Green Team hopes that we can all learn more about what is available to help us energy more efficiently.

The facts about our “carbon footprint” from our cars are startling. One person switching to public transit can reduce daily carbon emissions by 20 pounds, or more than 4,800 pounds in a year. A single commuter switching his or her commute to public transportation can reduce a household’s carbon emissions by 10% and up to 30% if he or she eliminates a second car.* Furthermore, as of January 2010, people who take public transportation can save an average of $9,242 per year by comparison to those who drive.**



Bulletin Entry Sunday, June 19

The Green Cars Are Here!

This is the third week of Transportation Month. The green cars are here. Please take some time to examine them. We are very thankful for Porcaro Ford and Frank Boucher car dealerships for the loan of these vehicles.

For those of us who do not have new cars, here are some hints to help us save energy. Key is keeping our cars tuned! Maintaining our car’s engine can improve its gas mileage by 4%, saving us approximately $0.11 per gallon. Also, keeping our tires properly inflated can improve gas mileage by up to 3%, saving us up to approximately $0.08 per gallon.* Riding our bicycles is an even better option: they will improve our gas mileage by 100%!


Bulletin Entry Sunday June 26

Sharing Our Energy Saving Ideas

This is the final week of Transportation Month. How have you experienced caring for creation this month? Have any of us walked to church this month? Do you have energy saving ideas to share with our congregation? Please write them down on the cards provided and put them in the collection plate. We will print the 20 best ideas in our next Church Bulletin. Also, there will be a drawing and one participant will receive a $10.00 gasoline gift card. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our June Transportation Month organized by Racine Green Congregations and our Green Team here at Resurrection. We hope it has helped all of us to become a little more aware of our energy use.