Transportation Month Resources

Bike to Worship Day 2018 - Texas Interfaith Power and Light


ACT:   May is National Bike Month, and May 14-18 is Bike to Work Week.  Why should work have all the fun?  Declare a Bike to Worship Day for your congregation.  Use it as an opportunity to discuss and/or preach on “Walk Gently on Earth,” A Multi-faith Invitation to Sustainable Lifestyles.  Last November, the statement was delivered to the U.N. climate conference by a bicycle brigade.  Signed by leaders of all the major religions, the statement invites people of faith to embark on a journey to compassionate simplicity.  Minimizing automobile travel is one of the three pillars of sustainable living named in the statement.             


WHEN:  May 2018


WHY:  Many Texans live in communities that were designed for automobiles, not people.  This means we live in one place that’s zoned residential and drive a distance to work in a place that’s zoned commercial or industrial.  Bicycling to work can be difficult.  However, many people live closer to their place of worship than their place of work.  Planning a Bike to Worship Day starts the discussion about ways to use our automobiles less.  If a person can’t ride a bike, maybe they can carpool to worship with someone.  Some people might live close enough to walk to worship.  Or maybe it’s too far for someone to bike to worship, but they can bike to a bus stop and then ride the bus to worship.  Through intentional dialogue as a faith community, congregations can help their members find creative ways to reduce their automobile use.  Who knows, maybe one day we can even use more of property for ministry, instead of parking!