Send a Story about Creation Care at Your LOM site

Memo to LOM directors

From Todd Garcia-Bish Director of Environmental Education at Lutherlyn in Prospect, PA and LRC stadd for Outdoor Ministry Networking

Please send us the following information. This is not difficult to do. Be brief. We will follow-up to get more information, quotes, and pictures. And we will develop this information into stories.

·         Identify your LOM site and location

·         Give a brief description of a project or program you have done to bring care for creation to your LOM site. It can relate to worship events, educational programs and experiences in nature, introduction of best practices, buildings and grounds (energy, gardens, lawn care, etc.), teaching creation care practices to participants, or a service project for the outside community.

·         Identify a person for us to contact to learn more about the program. Include e-mail and phone contact information.

·         Send a photo(s) related to your project or program or event

·         Send this information to Todd Garcia-Bish at

Thank you.

Todd Garcia-Bish