Sample Bulletin Announcements

All Creation Waits:

Greening the Congregation at Advent



Sample Bulletin Announcements


            Use bulletin space to encourage congregants to adopt environmentally sound practices in their individual Christmas season



Advent One

As we begin the journey into Advent, we prayerfully await Christ’s entrance into our world. As we wait, so does all creation. This season, we will be considering how Advent is a call to environmental stewardship, and how we as a congregation can work to lessen the environmental impact of our holiday season. Join us for Bible Study (this week we will discuss Isaiah 40 and how we prepare the way of the Lord), and watch for suggestions to “green” your home this Advent Season.



Advent Two

This week, have a conversation with your family about your gift-giving practices this year. Consider drawing names, making your own gifts, giving the gift of time spent together, or giving to a charitable organization in each other’s name. In Bible Study this week, we will explore Luke 12 and the metaphor of the Lilies of the Field as applied to the Advent and Christmas season.



Advent Three

This week, as we adorn our worship space in anticipation of Christmas, take stock of your own decorations. Pare down light displays, and make sure to put any lights on a timer or use LEDs when possible. Re-use what you have from years past, and if you’re looking for an update, come to the Decoration Swap this weekend! In Bible Study this week, we read again from Isaiah and consider how the earth also benefits from God’s covenant with humankind.



Advent Four

This week, as we come to the final days before Christmas, we reflect on how to green our celebrations. Arrange a carpool to Christmas Eve worship (remember to bring your candles that we will light while singing “Silent Night”!). In Bible Study, we reflect on Luke 2:1-14 and the simplicity of the very first Christmas.