Report for Camp Ewalu at Strawberry Point, IA

Camp Ewalu

Caring for Creation

Report for March 2, 2012

Camp Ewalu just wrapped up a capital campaign where we focused on incorporating environmental stewardship into our buildings. See our response to your questions below.


1. Identify your LOM site and location


Camp Ewalu, Strawberry Point, IA


2. Give a brief description of a project or program you have done to bring care for creation to your LOM site. It can relate to worship events, educational programs and experiences in nature, introduction of best practices, buildings and grounds (energy, gardens, lawn care, etc.), teaching creation care practices to participants, or a service project for the outside community.


As part of the capital campaign we just wrapped up, we worked to incorporate sustainable practices into our building. At the start of the campaign, we had 3 cabins and a lodge that were about 50 years old and not insulated well for winter use. Our campaign replaced these structures with new buildings incorporating more energy efficient appliances, insulation, and building materials. Some energy efficient accomplishments include

·                     Installing Geothermal for 3 cabins and one of the lodges in this project as well as geothermal for our office building

·                     replacing windows in our main dining hall with more energy efficient windows

·                     installed wood stoves in staff housing

·                     Installed energy efficient inserts into 2 fireplaces in our main dining hall

·                     Installed heat pumps in several buildings

·                     added additional attic insulation to several existing structures

·                     used some recycled materials in construction, such as milled recycled telephone poles for porch poles

·                     hired local contractors and purchased materials locally


3.     Identify a person for us to contact to learn more about the program. Include e-mail and phone contact information.


Dale Gohl - - 563-933-4700


4. Send a photo related to your project (optional)


For photos and additional information on the project, check out a publication that we put out on it at I would be happy to look for and provide photos if there is anything specific you would like. See the new website look.


Dale Gohl, Environmental Education Director