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Seminary Ridge Review Autumn 2012 [Papers from Gettysburg Seminary Conference on “Getting Green Faithfully” August, 2012.

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  • “Reflections on a Lutheran Theology of Creation: Foundations for a New Reformation” by David Rhoads.

  • “God’s Lovers as ‘Uncreators’: Morality on the Face of Systemic Evil” by Cynthia Moe Lobeda.

  • “A Whirlwind Tour of World Religious Teaching on the Environment” by Fletcher Harper.

Intersections. Fall, 2012 #36. The Vocation of a Lutheran College. A Calling to Embrace Creation: Lutheran Higher Education, Sustainability, and Stewardship. Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN. July 30- August 1, 2012.

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  • “A Traveler’s Manifesto for Navigating the Creation” by Ann Pederson.

  • “A Lutheran Ethic of Environmental Stewardship” by James Martin-Schramm

  • “Climate Justice, Environmental Racism, and A Lutheran Moral Vision: by Cynthia Moe-Lobeda

  • "Sustaining Sustainability” by Baird Tipson

Recycling and Waste in Mexico City. Read this witness to ecological justice by David Brandos, Lutheran pastor in Mexico City. (12-12)
View this powerful and poignant sermon in which the Rev. Leah Schade gives voice to Earth. (12-12)
Blog: New blog on eco-justice preaching by the Rev. Leah Schade, PA pastor and doctoral student at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia working on Eco-feminist preaching. (12-12)
"Within Limits: Remember the Sabbath" a sermon by James Martin Scrhamm, Luther College. (3-18-12)
 A New Reformation: Caring for Creation. Read this article by David Rhoads and Barbara Rossing, “A Beloved Community: Christian Mission in an Ecological Age" (11-1-11).