Plan Meetings and Events that are Green

If you are gathering folks for an event at your social ministry organization, here are some guidelines and suggestions for making the event earth-friendly. The practices suggested here will be in consonance with your mission to care for the vulnerable and also bear a public witness of your commitment to the healing of Earth.


ELCA Green Assembly Guidelines (Document)

Here is a set of suggested guidelines from Pilgrim Lutheran Church in the St. Paul Area Synod that were developed for the 2009 Churchwide Assembly planners for meeting in the Twin Cities area. It clearly has applicability for planning for many large events.
ELCA Green Assemnbly Recommendations.pdf 337k   Download


Convention Industry Council Guidelines.

ELCA Youth Director Heidi Hagstrom recommended the following two sites. The biennial youth gathering makes every effort to have a green gathering.


1. Here is an excellent site about the sustainable, green meetings initiatives. This is the best one I have come across:

The following pdf is downloaded from this site, a 14 page Green Meeting Report developed by the Convention Industry Council. The report covers Best Practices for Suppliers of accommodations, venues, transportation, food and beverages, exhibition services, and office procedures. It also covers Best Practices for Event Organizers in terms of the selection of destination, accommodations, and event venue, transportation, food and beverage, communication, and office procedures.
Conventioin Industry Council Green Meetings Report.pdf 339k View Download


2. APEX is a collection of standardized industry practices for meeting professionals developed by the Convention Industry Council, the licensing organization for the meetings industry. This article is not very detailed, but it will give you a sense of the efforts being made by those of us who attempt to follow widely accepted standards of practice. 


Online Search

For further information, do an online search for : “green events” or  “green meetings” or “green gatherings.” For example, you will find a site fostering green events for the Twin Cities with lots of ideas and suggestions at:


If you find other sources for planning green events, please submit them to David Rhoads at

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