Personal Covenant with Creation

Complete your covenant on the online form to be connected with others - or print out the following and post for yourself to keep!


Every action has consequences on other humans and on the earth. Become aware of the outcome of your actions, reduce your impact on others, and walk lightly on Earth. Consider these practices to be a spiritual discipline. Have others in your household sign as well and decorate and post this record of your goals to catch your attention - keep it sacred!

I pledge to work toward the following environmentally safe practices:


● ____Learn about the environmental crisis and ecological justice.

● ____Read about or join a study group fostering voluntary simplicity.



Energy Use

● ____Alternative energy: solar/ geothermal/ purchase wind from your energy company.

● ____Purchase Energy Star appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer, water

         heater, dehumidifier) and high efficiency furnace, air conditioner, and windows.

● ____Get programmable thermostat. Lower thermostat in winter; raise it in summer.

         Change settings when away. Use ceiling fans.

● ____Clean/ replace filters for all appliances/furnace with filters.

● ____Replace all incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs.

● ____When not in use, turn off lights, TV, computer, appliances. Prefer natural light.

● ____Turn off TV, computer, microwave, etc. at the strip/ plug.

● ____Run full loads in dish washer, washer, and dryer. Use short cycles/ clothes line.

● ____Use microwave/ toaster oven/ slow cooker rather than oven/range.

● ____Set refrigerator  at 36F to 42F, freezer at -5F to +6F, and water heater at 120F.

● ____Use cold or warm water when washing clothes; rinse in cold water.

● ____Insulate walls/ attic. Repair leaks around windows/doors. Lock windows to seal.

● ____Repair hot water leaks. Insulate water heater (“blanket”) + hot water pipes (wrap).


Water Use

● ____Do not let water run while doing tasks.

● ____Install low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators.

● ____Repair faucet leaks and toilet runs immediately.

● ____Take a short shower rather than a bath, and shower less often.

● ____Wash dishes and laundry on full load.



● ____Buy fair-trade +/or organic products.

● ____Buy local produce and products.

● ____Buy only what you will consume, and then use all you buy.

● ____Put on your plate only what you will eat, and then eat all on your plate.

● ____Know where your food comes from and appreciate all who made it:



Paper Use

● ____Use recycled, post-consumer paper products for kitchen, bathroom, and cleaning.

● ____Avoid paper towels; use cloth napkins and handkerchiefs.

● ____Use electronic media rather than paper.

● ____Use recycled, post-consumer, acid-free note/office paper or tree-free paper.

● ____Use the paper completely on both sides.



Reduce/ Recycle/ Reuse

● ____Buy less stuff you have to throw away (tips at

● ____Find out exactly what your town recycles and whatever is left look up here:                             

● ____Use non-toxic products whenever possible: check

● ____Make your own consumables/toiletries:

● ____Do not put grease or strong chemicals down drains.

● ____Buy products with no/less packaging.

● ____Compost: create nutrient-rich soil and prevent methane exhaust landfills 

● ____Use canvas bags for shopping or reuse paper/plastic when shopping.

● ____Find out if there are community sharing options nearby (Tool Libraries,



● ____ Purchase a car with high miles/gallon. Maintain engine/tire pressure.  Change oil/air filter.

● ____Over 55 miles per hour is least efficient: drive more slowly. Easy stops and starts.Do not idle.

● ____Where feasible walk, bicycle, carpool or take public transportation.

● ____Flying is the “dirtiest” way to travel, but if you have to, offset your carbon use:

● ____Consider alternatives: shop online, web conference meetings, etc.




● ____Green the work space and work practices: office, shop, factory, classroom, farm

● ____Advocate with employers to green your company, agency, or institution.

● ____Promote greening among fellow workers and clients/customers/students.




● ____Enjoy as kin the plants and pets in your living space.

● ____Take ten minutes a day to enjoy/love nature (sit outside, pet an animal, garden).

● ____Use devotional materials that enhance your love of nature and your care for it.




● ____Advocate for environmentally friendly legislation and policies.

● ____Restore a local habitat; protest a local environmental violation.

● ____Contribute to social justice organizations and environmental organizations.

● ____Invest in socially responsible stocks and bonds that foster eco-justice.