Nurturing Earth Care among the Staff

It is important to foster Earth care among employees not only at work but also at home. You will find that as their awareness about these matters is raised and the more they practice Earth-care at home, the more sensitive they will be to these matters on the job.


1. Here is a two page covenant with creation you may give to your employees to adopt as their personal “Covenant with Creation.” Have them identify what they already do on this checklist and check additional commitments they are willing to make. The idea is not to turn this in to someone but to post it at home as reminder of their own devotion to God’s creation.


·        Click here to link to the "Covenant with Creation."


2. Here is a brief reflection about how we can see our care for creation as part of our Christian discipleship.


·        Click here for a reflection on nurturing Earth-Care as a Spiritual Discipline