Notes from LRC SI Steering Committee 8-14-12

Minutes from the Steering Committee that convened after the LRC Pre-session to the 2012 Convocation of Teaching Theologians



Present: David Rhoads, Lisa Dahill, Jim Schaal, Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Mark Brocker, Barbara Rossing, Dan Brunner, Jim Martin-Schramm, Gil Waldkoenig (recording)



Chairperson Discussion – Lisa Dahill and Gil Waldkoenig will co-chair for 2012-13 academic year.


The Steering Committee will meet again by conference call to determine priorities and choose steps. The conference call will happen this fall on OCTOBER 4 at 4:00 PM EST.


Items named for consideration at the first conference call:

-          Are Green Teams in place at every seminary, who are the contacts, and does each have a board member, administrator, faculty and students?

-          Blessed Earth Seminary Stewardship Alliance & GreenFaith Seminary Certification Program are emerging networks. Brunner & Waldkoenig will attend a BE SSA conference in September and report to this committee. Same individuals were GreenFaith Fellows and will be able to report GreenFaith Seminary Certification developments when they take next steps.

-          Meeting again in person – money to do so; grant-writing

-          Disciplines profiles for LRC web site. Ecological hermeneutics in biblical studies, environmental ethics in theological ethics, eco-theology, ecological spirituality, environmental history and religion

-          Challenge to seminaries – goals benchmarks. Compare Presidents Climate Commitment among colleges/universities

-          Bishops Ready Bench on Environment – involve them in this group

-          Deans and presidents meetings – get the agendas, get on the agendas

-          Stories, case studies, interesting news for LRC web site

-          Facebook page for LRC – get students to jump-start

-          Other key people to involve: Richard Perry, John Spangler, Sam Giere, Kathryn Schifferdecker

Meeting adjourned with much hope for support and collaboration across the several institutions and departments of ELCA-related theological education.