Mid-Atlantic Training 2011 List of Participants

LRC Mid-Atlantic Synodical Training Event

Mar-Lu-Ridge Retreat Center, MD

November 4-5, 2011


On November 4-5 of 2011, we repeated the training with nineteen leaders representing six Mid-Atlantic synods at Mar-Lu-Ridge Conference Center in Jefferson, MD: New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Upper Susquehanna, Delaware-Maryland, Metro-Washington, and Virginia-Western Maryland. This was led by Alycia, Mary Minette, along with Brian Brandt and Phoebe Morad, both of whom received the first training in 2010. There was much enthusiasm and positive feedback from these training events.


Mid-Atlantic Synods

Mar-Lu-Ridge Camp and Conference Center, Jefferson, MD;

Nov 4-5, 2011

19 participants (representing 6 synods) and 4 leaders



·         Alycia Ashburn              ashburn400@yahoo.com

·         Mary Minette                 mary.minette@elca.org

·         Brian Brandt                  o4fangorn@gmail.com

·         Phoebe Morad              pheebscongo@yahoo.com


New Jersey Synod

·         LuAnn Barnes                lbarnes@njsynod.org.

·         Lynn Perry                    lynn@njcitizenaction.org


Southeastern Penn Synod

·         Debbie Neves               dappleseven@aol.com

·         Kathy Schmick              kathms43@gmail.com


Upper Susquehanna Synod

·         Leah Schade                 lschade@ltps.edu


Delaware-Maryland Synod

·         David Asendorf             pastordave@salem-catonsville.orgHeggen                    

·         Bruce Allen Heggen       heggen@udel.edu

·         Kevin Philpy                  kevin.philpy@gmail.com

·         Daniel Swanson            danielitoswanson@gmail.com


Metro DC Synod

·         Erik Backus                  backusec@hotmail.com

·         Joyce Breiner                jkbreiner@comcast.net

·         David Davis                  da5id.da5is@gmail.com

·         Gordon Gipe                 gordon.gipe@gmail.com

·         Sarah Scherschligt        pastorsarah@poplutheran.org

·         Jim Talley                     james.r.talley@lmco.com


West Virginia- Western Maryland Synod

·         Kathryn Henry               dhenry@myexcel.com

·         Ron Schlak                   ronschlakjr@aol.com

·         Fred Soltow                  lutheran@citlink.net

·         Steve Woodruff                        steven.woodruff@frontier.com