LRC Training for Mid-Atlantic Synods 2011


LRC Training Program

Nov 4-5, 2011

Mar-Lu-Ridge Camp and Conference Center

Jefferson, MD


LEADERS: Alycia Ashburn, Mary Minette, Brian Brandt, PhoebeMorad




Friday, November 4th, 2011


10am-1pm       Arrival of Synod Leaders (registration, rooms, nametags)


12:00pm          Lunch (for those present) ~ MEET & GREET



 1:30pm           WHY WE DO THIS:  Why LRC?  Why now?

 2:00pm           VISIONS & GOALS for the LRC Congregations Training Program

                              ~ Collaboration, Interaction, Evolving Models, Communal Leadership ~

 2:20pm           WHY WE DO THIS:  Sharing Our Stories, Personal Commitments  

 3:15pm           Break

 3:30pm           INTRODUCTION to the “LRC Congregations Program”

-- manual, action plan, main components (to be elaborated as we go); leadership is interfacing with congregations back home in synods; teams instead of individuals (Dave and Alycia’s experience in MN, IL, WI); train the trainer

 3:50pm           WORSHIP:

Grounding Creation Care in Lutheran Theology

Weaving Creation Care into Worship

                        Questions & Discussion         

5:00pm            Dinner

6:15pm            EDUCATION:


Ideas, Questions, Discussion


6:45pm            BUILDING & GROUNDS: 

Intro & Examples 

ELCA Carbon Footprint

Sharing Ideas                 


8:00pm            END OF DAY ONE

Prayer & One-Word Check-ins


Evening           Fellowship



Saturday, November 5th, 2011

   8:00am         Breakfast

   9:00am         Opening Prayer & One-Word Check-ins

   9:20am         PUBLIC WITNESS:  

Intro & Advocacy      

Ideas, Questions, Discussion

 10:00am         Break

 10:10am         STEWARDSHIP & DISCIPLESHIP  (Daily Life!)  

Daily Life

Understanding of Stewardship

At Home


 10:30am         Church in Society: Integrating All of Our Ministries (Creation Care, Hunger & Poverty, Stewardship, Congregational Renewal, Mission, and more)

11:00am          ACTION PLAN: Nuts and Bolts

Intro (5 min)

Logistics: Timeline (model), Trainings, Networking Events, Reporting, Accountability, Roles of Liaisons & Trainers (30 min)

Ideas, Questions, Discussion (All, 10 min)

11:45am          ACTION PLAN:  Breakout, Planning (Synod Teams)

12:15pm          Lunch (continue discussions)

  1:00pm          ACTION PLAN: Group Discussion & Sharing of Plans (All)

1:30pm          GOING FORTH: Website/Reporting, Celebrating Successes, Sense of Community, Team-building; Future Funding, Strengthening and Building LRC Network

   2:45pm         CLOSING PRAYER & SENDING

   3:00pm         Depart