LRC Training Event Resources

List of Resources for Training-the Trainers Workshop

Separate items:

            *LRC Congregational  Manual

*LRC Manual for Synods

*Caring for Creation social statement and study guide

*Sustainable Livelihood for All social statement and study guide.

*Environmental Guide for Churches, their Buildings and Grounds  

*LRC promotional brochure

* “Stewardship of Creation” statement

Awakening to God’s Call to Earthkeeping (one for each participant)

Earthbound Video Series (one for each synod)


Binder with theological resources

*“Reading the Bible”

*“Reading the NT IN an Environmental Age” [Dave]

*”Beloved Earth Community” article

Elaboration of “why we do this” handout

* Theological Reflections for the LRC Manual [Dave]


Resources in Binder: (Everything we need for the training workshop all together)


            *Partnership Agreement

*Timeline for LRC and ELCA Synods.

*Agreement with Synod

Agreement between synod and congregation

                        Principles and goals of Training

Training models

                                    Short sessions

                        Full three hour workshop

                        Promotional materials for LRC

                                    Article for synodical and congregational newsletters

                                    Bulletin blurbs

Background and context:

Lutherans Restoring Creation: History and Mission

Why Lutherans care for creation

“Why We Do This: Five Principles”

History of ELCA Commitment to Caring for Creation

Profile of other faith-based organizations

Process of bring care for creation into the congregation

            Mission statement for an LRC congregation

            The overall plan

Getting started

Principles of action

Action Plan

Forms for carrying out an action plan

            Resources for an action plan

                        Season of Creation description for worship

                        Stewardship and Ecology

            * “Congregational Checklist”

* “Personal Covenant with Creation” + alternatives

                        Resource List of books, organizations, and websites