LRC Pre-session at the Convocation of Teaching Theologians

On August 13, 2012, LRC sponsored a lumcheon and pre-session from 1-4 at the Convovation of Teaching Theologians at Trinity Seminary in Columbus OH.
The Convocation was on the subject "Eco-Lutheranism?" Pleanary speakers included Paul Santmire, Cameron Harder, Bishop Mark Narum, Tink Tinker, James Martin-Schramm and a panel of respondents including Barbara Rossing, Wanda Deifeldt, Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Richard Perry, and David Rhoads. The papers will be published by the Lutheran University Press.
List of attendees. LRC held a pre-session for representatives of ELCA/ ELCC seminaries. The goal was to launch an initiative that would foster the greening of the seminaries and the incorporation of care for creation into preparations for leaders in the ELCA. Over thirty seminary-related people attended the pre-session.
Pre-session agenda. The agenda was partially designed to inter-relate what seminaries were doing to green their institutions with Lutheran colleges and universities. Primarily, the goal was to discuss directions the seminaries could move in furhter development of ec-theological education.  
A Steering Committee was formed and held their first meeting at supper on August 14. Lisa Dahill and Gil Waldkoenig were selected as leaders for the initiative (since that time, Gil has withdrawn due to additional unexpected responsibilities at Gettysburg Seminary. The steering committee includes Barbara Rossing, Mark Brocker, Dan Bruner, Lisa Dahill, Samuel Giere, James Schaal, Jim Martin-Schramm, Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Richard Perry, Nelson Riviera, Kathryn Schifferdecker, John Spangler, and Gil Waldkoenig.