LRC Checklist for LOM Sites

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries

LRC Checklist of Ideas and Resources


Introduction: Getting Started. Develop a green/Earthcare team

·         Select and name a team to guide your direction and decisions. Five to seven people will be ideal.

·         Include representation from administrators, maintenance, food service, office staff, environmental educator, camp counselors, and campers as they come and go.

·         Prepare a mission statement: LOM has a commitment to incorporate care for creation into every aspect of our life and mission. Or, incorporate it into your current mission statement. Display your mission statement.
·        Identify, promote, and celebrate what you already do that contributes to the health and well-being of Earth: worship, educational programs, building and grounds, habits and practices of staff and campers, and public witness beyond the camp.

·         Announce your identify and practices to participants

·         Develop an action plan (see below) and get started.

·         Develop a strategy to keep the work going through weekly and seasonal turnover of staff and campers.

2. Worship

·         Opening and closing worship

·         Prayers to greet the morning and to end the day

·         Table graces: words and songs

·         Campfire services

·         Sunday worship

·         Staff devotions and prayers/scripture and readings to open and close meetings

·         Rituals of dedication for new buildings, gardens, trees planted, and so on.

·         Other . . .

2. Educational programs

·         Curriculum for a week or for a weekend

·         Bible studies

·         Environmental facts and figures posted around

·         Biblical passages posted around

·         Learning about the nature around you. Knowing your property as an Earth Community.

·         Nature walks

·         Use the camp itself as a laboratory and opportunities for teaching moments

·         Other . . .

3. Building and grounds

·         Energy use: electric

·         Energy use: heating and air conditioning

·         Land use and maintenance

·         Gardens

·         Greening the offices

·         Food service: local, organic. Avoid Styrofoam.

·         Paper and wood products

·         Recycling, reuse, and waste

·         Green Cleaning products and practices

·         Water conservation

·         Transportation

·         Other . . . .

4. Lifestyle and practices of campers

·         Guidelines for participants: Staff and campers

·         Reminder posted near light switches, sinks and outdoor locations

·         Workshop sessions to inculcate habits of Earth-care

·         Take a pledge for return to home.

·         Other . . .

5. Public Witness beyond the camp space and time

·         Service projects: Plant trees; Help to restore a habitat

·         Take a project home to church or community

·         Promote your green commitments and achievements as model for others

·         Other . . .

Develop an action plan:

·         Imagine a camp that was totally Earth-friendly. Envision all the things that would be different. Choose actions you can take to help bring that vision about. Be creative.

·         Choose projects and programs from the resources above and develop new ones.

·         In the course of a year, seek to do one or more projects in all five of the action areas.

·         Choose projects that minimize cost and effort. Choose some projects that are more ambitious. Consider payback time. Consider some large, more expensive, and long term projects.

·         Identify the goal, the projected deadline for completion, the steps to take, who will be responsible, who will track the project to completion, and how can it be evaluated when completed?

·         Engage the campers in creating and completing the projects.

·         Get feedback for next time.

·         Celebrate your successes and achievements.

·         Make it fun, with contests and challenges.

·         Keep the biblical and theological foundations for your work always before you.