LRC Commtment to Campus Pastors

Lutherans Restoring Creation

Welcome to the section for campus pastors of ELCA colleges and universities.


Statement of commitment: Lutherans Restoring Creation is a grassroots movement promoting care for creation in the full life and mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America—members, pastors, congregations, synods, seminaries, colleges, outdoor ministries, social ministry organizations, youth ministries, and advocacy programs.


A vision for work of campus pastors: We believe that care for creation is central to Christian vocation—to love God, love the neighbor, and serve creation. We consider it also to be integral to ministry among students to deepen their Christian faith and to contribute to their preparation for life in society. Here are ten reasons why Lutherans care for creation.

            In this LRC subsection on colleges and universities hosted by James Martin-Schram and Connie Barclay of Luther College, the reports of environmental commitments on ELCA campuses focus on actions and advances in areas related to building and grounds, green buildings, renewable energy projects, energy conservation, transportation, food, composting, recycling, green cleaning products, as well as educational programs, curricular requirements, and student service projects. In these regards, Lutheran campuses are well ahead of other Lutheran institutions and are leading the way in modeling care for creation and in preparing citizens for leadership in this critical issue.

            We also believe that campus pastors have a crucial role to play in this process—showing support for the campus environmental projects and programs, identifying the biblical and theological foundations for this work, deepening worship life in relation to creation, fostering lifestyle habits for individuals and the community as a whole, and providing opportunities for students to transform their relationship with God’s natural creation around them. We at Lutherans Restoring Creation want to do our part is stimulating and supporting your efforts.


Lutherans Restoring Creation is eager to support your work as a campus pastor:

·         By offering care for creation resources that may be helpful to you.

·         By suggesting ideas that might assist you in bringing care for creation into areas of campus life over which you are responsible.

·         By requesting resources and ideas from you to share on the website for the benefit of other campus pastors.

·         By providing contact information so that you can consult with other campus pastors about their creation-care work.


We welcome your ideas and your additions to these resources and suggestions: Tell us what you think and share with us projects and experiences happening in the ministry on your campus. We will post them for others to see. Thank you! David Rhoads, Director, LRC. and Connie Barclay, host of the college subsection: