Hallowood Retreat and Conference Center in Dickerson, MD

Hallowood Retreat and Conference Center

Dickerson, MD


The Center IS a green project

Hallowood has been a “green project” under development for 20 years when the Retreat Center was built and we have made additional “green” updates.


Twenty Years ago, original building:

·         Framed with 2x6s to allow for more insulation on exterior walls

·         Low E windows

·         R 35 in ceilings

·         China, stainless used instead of paper/plastic for food service



·         CFLs in all lamps and ceiling fixtures possible

·         Compost tumblers (kitchen composts everything compostable)

·         Reduced mowing area is planted indigenous plants (less mower fuel, less run off)

·         Reduced Ice bin on ice machine (less running time to fill bin)

·         Door sweeps/stuff around doors to stop air loss

·         Green cleaning products used

·         Recycling of glass, metal, paper, plastic, cardboard (guests are asked to use containers provided)


In progress:

Geothermal heating and cooling with thermostats controlled via computer by our office


Gary Pritchett, Director of the Hallowood Retreat Center. 7300 Banner Road

Dickerson, MD 20842-8010.

The center is owned by Saint Luke Lutheran Church, 9100 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Submitted in Spring, 2012.