Green Christmas for Advent

All Creation Waits

The materials in this program provide a set of ideas and resources for greening the Christmas season so that creation too can prepare with us for the arrival of the Christ child who will usher in a new creation. Here are the resources you need to make this a reality in your congregation and among your members.
A pdf of the whole program: All Creation Waits: Greening Your Congregation in Advent (pdf)
Sections of the "All Creation Waits" word document broken down for easy use and distribution.

“Upcycled” Advent Worship Backdrop
A parishioner at Village Church in Milwaukee, Jennifer Hellerman used bubble wrap, other packing material, and toilet paper rolls to create a beautiful Advent worship environment depicting falling snow. "The idea for the sanctuary installation came from observations I made of snow throughout the winter of 2010-2011, back when Milwaukee had snow!" [Read More] 

An article LRC published in Living Lutheran.