WHEREAS, "the earth is the Lord's and all that is in it, the world and all who

            dwell therein"  (Psalm 24:1); and


WHEREAS,  the people of God have a special calling to proclaim and to be signs

            of God's reign of love and justice and the New Creation; and


WHEREAS,  we are given a biblical mandate to care for creation as stewards, imaging God's love and care for the earth; and


WHEREAS,  the North / West Lower Michigan Synod did establish, and

            continues to support, an Environmental Stewardship Network for the

            synod's congregations and encourages participation therein (May 1992

            Synod Assembly Resolution on Environmental Stewardship); and


 WHEREAS,  the ELCA's  "Caring for Creation" social statement encourages

            congregations to do all they can in their own worship community;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the North / West Lower Michigan Synod of

            the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in Assembly encourage all

           the congregations of our synod to adopt a Covenant on Caring for Creation

            as a means of becoming more intentional in our stewardship of God's earth;


AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,  that the Church in Society Committee,

            through the Environmental Stewardship Network, assist congregations with

            materials and support in forming such a Covenant;


AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that congregations taking this step be

            recognized at future synod assemblies by presentation of a document stating their covenantal intentions regarding the care of creation.



Submitted by the Church in Society Committee to the

            ELCA  North / West Lower Michigan Synod Assembly  May 16-18, 1999

            APPROVED  May 17, 1999