WHEREAS, God calls us to Care for Creation with Vision, Hope and Justice (1993 ELCA Social Statement), in ways that protect the fruitfulness and viability of the Earth and the sustainability of human communities; and


WHEREAS, a broad scientific consensus warns that humankind’s historic and increasing use of fossil fuels is contributing to and accelerating global climate change, and that climate change due to global warming is expected to cause severe and disruptive changes to all of creation, through more frequent extreme weather events, rising sea levels, more frequent deadly heat waves, increasing extinction of species, spread of tropical diseases, disruption in food supplies, and displacement of human communities, with these impacts most likely being felt disproportionately by those already living in poverty, here and around the world; and


WHEREAS, taking whatever actions we can now reduce our use of fossil fuels, and to reduce emission of carbon dioxide, can help to mitigate and lessen the ultimate severity of the effects of global warming and provide a more hopeful future for the “least of these” and the generations which follow us; there fore, be it


RESOLVED, that congregations of the Northern Illinois Synod will seek to help their members become more informed on the problem of global warming and on possible solutions, by taking advantage of available educational resources; and


RESOLVED, that congregations will seek to undertake actions to reduce and improve their use of energy, through increased efficiency (such as Energy Star appliances and compact fluorescent lights), conservation, and  cleaner, renewable fuel sources (such as wind, solar, biomass); and


RESOLVED, that congregations will seek to encourage their members to sign up for the ELCA’s Advocacy program and to advocate for energy policies at the state and national levels, that will promote cleaner, renewable, and more efficient energy use for all sectors of our society.


Submitted by: Northern Illinois Synod Lutheran Youth Organization Board

Contact person:  Kevin Rogers, President

Date Submitted: March 10, 2007


Action of the Resolution Committee


Date of Action:  May 15, 2007

Action Taken:  Recommend the Resolution