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Northeastern Minnesota Congregational Care Resolution

Resolution 09-8

Creation Care in Congregations


WHEREAS, our God calls us, both as individuals and as members of communities, to care for the natural world (Genesis 1-2, Revelation 22, and many others), and


WHEREAS, our world is facing significant impact from the effect of carbon emissions, petrol chemical use, shrinking ice caps, rising ocean levels, and wasteful practices, and


WHEREAS, the Northeastern Minnesota Synod voted at its 2008 Synod Assembly to establish a Creation Care task force to aid its

member congregations in dealing with these serious problems, therefore, be it


RESOLVED, that the 2009 Northeastern Minnesota Synod Assembly strongly urge all of uts member congregations to actively engage in reducing their carbon footprints, through the following suggested ways--

    First Three steps toward Congregational Creation Care-

    a.  Have an energy audit for all church owned properties

    b.  Form a creation care task force within each congregation

    c.  Begin by implementing changes suggested by the audit and the task force; and be it further


RESOLVED, that congregations who have already conducted an energy audit be congratulated for their work and be encouraged to continue that work to reduce their consumption of vital resources and to lessen their carbon footprint.