Northern Illinois Synod 



WHEREAS, the youth of the Northern Illinois Synod have sparked a healthy interest in care for creation among the congregations of this Synod; and


WHEREAS, the Synod’s “Green Team” has worked to increase interest in care for creation among NIS conferences and congregations; and


WHEREAS, a generous donation of time and talent has resulted in the training of 32 NIS congregation members to do energy audits in their respective congregations and communities;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that each congregation consider completing an energy audit of all church properties by the end of 2010; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that each congregation be encouraged to seek ways to reach out to other churches and non-profit agencies in their respective communities to promote care for creation in a spirit of evangelism and community service.


Submitted by:  Northern Illinois Synod, Social Ministry Committee

                       Northern Illinois Synod, Green Team

Contact Person: Rev. Don Knowles

Date Received: April 13, 2009


Action of the Resolution Committee


Date of Action: April 13, 2009

Action Taken:   Recommend adoption of the resolution