Resolution to become “Green Congregations”


Whereas, God’s first commandments to humanity are that we care for and take care of God’s good creation (Gen. 1:28 & 2:15); and

Whereas, Jesus came to bring salvation to the entire cosmos (John 3:16-17); and

Whereas, the Church, as the body of Christ in the world, is charged with calling the world to repentance and ushering in the kingdom of God; and

Whereas, “the whole creation is groaning” due to the abuse and misuse of God’s good creation by humanity;

THEreFORE BE IT Resolved, that the congregations of the Northern Illinois Synod be encouraged to become “green congregations” by forming a Green Team in the congregation that will:

  1. Evaluate the building and grounds of the congregation and take a minimum of two steps each year to help reduce the congregation’s negative impact upon the environment,
  2. Educate and encourage its membership on the ways in which they can help care for God’s creation in their everyday lives by living simply and walking lightly on the earth, and
  3. Communicate with and respond to the work of the Northern Illinois Synod Green Team.



Submitted by: Synod Green Team

Contact Person:  Pastor Don Knowles or Pastor Jeff Schlesinger

Date Received:  April 10, 2008


Action of the Resolution Committee


Date of Action:  April 25, 2008

Action Taken:  Recommend Adoption