Fossil Fuel Divestment Resources

NEW Discipleship as Divestment in Fossil Fuels by Cynthia Moe-Lobeda

A helpful debate on fossil fuel divestment, with commentary and related articles is on Yale Environment 360, a web publication of the Yale School of Forestry& Environmental Studies.  Fossil Fuel Divestment Resolution, Metro New York Synod,  
Approved March 29, 2015 
News Release 
Assembly booklet with resolutions

See 6/30/2013 Boston Globe Article**  Read a news article from the Boston Globe on divestment by religious groups.

Reactions to Appeals for Divestment by James Martin-Schramm, Ethics Professor at Luther College. He urges caution and encourages us to accompany divestment with personal action and advocacy.

Divestment Initiatives at some ELCA Colleges and UniversitiesRead here.

"Divest and Reinvest NOW" from GreenFaith, an ecumenical/interfaith program on divestment with lots of resources.

Presbyterian Church USAAt the 2014 General Assembly, an overture calling for divestment of PCUSA funds from fossil fuel companies will be presented.  This effort is being led by Fossil Free PCUSA and PEC.  To learn more, read the overture at and the helpful Information Sheet of FAQs. For a secular movement for divestment go to and explore the many opportunities for
advocacy and action they offer at
Synod Resolutions for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Resolutions that have been submitted to or adopted by ELCA Synods, along with stories, talking points, and templates to adapt and submit to your Synod Assembly can be found on the Synod and Churchwide Resolutions page.