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ELCA Advocacy is delighted to introduce our new Program Director for Environment and Energy, Ruth Ivory-Moore. Ruth has had careers in chemical engineering, as a corporate legal counsel, and brings legal specialties including environmental law and climate change. Ruth is married and has two children.  She enjoys spending time with family (especially her two grandchildren) and friends. Ruth is involved with Christian education in her church and is about to embark on training to become a Stephen Minister.  Her other volunteer work includes chairing a young adult and youth leadership summit in southern Virginia, as well as addressing various community needs such as criminal law reform and health care. Welcome Ruth! 


The ELCA ministry of advocacy is rooted in faith that is active in love; love calls for justice in the relationships and structures of society. (The Church in Society: A Lutheran Perspective, 1991) This affirmation grounds the ELCA Advocacy priorities for engagement with the 115thCongress and Trump administration. Look for upcoming alerts and opportunities to participate in faithful witness and action to advance greater justice, peace, and care of creation.

Priorities for 2017 include: 

Protect God's creation from the impacts of climate change, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring a just transition to renewable energy occurs and all Americans have access to clean water.

ELCA Advocacy homepage

Highlights current topics, advocacy emphases, and ELCA e-Advocacy Network alerts


Environment page

Provides information about hearings, legislation, and other advocacy resources specific to the environment

Issue Briefs:

Caring for Creation Resources

Contains advocacy-related and other resources for individuals and congregations

"Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope and Justice"

ELCA social statement on the environment adopted in 1993, with introduction, summary, and study guide


Advocacy Resources

Includes an Advocacy Toolkit for jump-starting individual and congregational advocacy efforts, as well as policy briefs on domestic, international, and energy and environmental issues

In-District Advocacy Guide 

Gives important steps for taking action in your district, including how to set up an in-district meeting, how to find out about and participate in town hall meetings, and what questions and talking points you can use during your advocacy efforts.  

NEW  The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and The Episcopal Church continue our united call to Pray, Fast and Act in support of good policies that provide opportunities for and respect the dignity of people struggling with poverty. As the earth’s climate continues to transition and threaten communities, we answer the call this month by supporting action for federal investment to make our nation, communities, and public services more resilient and better prepared in the face of increasingly common and destructive natural disasters and changing weather patterns. [READ MORE]

ELCA Advocacy Action Alert

NEW “The earth is the LORD’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it;” (Psalm 24:1)

As Lutherans, we recognize that our failure to protect God’s people and all of creation leads to problems that intensify social injustices, resulting in situations where those who are marginalized and vulnerable are most impacted. 

Over the next month, Congress will decide how to fund the federal government. This process includes support for important domestic and international conservation and clean energy programs in the State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs legislation.


Contact your United States senators now and ask them to protect funding for environmental programs and entities that protect all of creation!

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  • NEW November 2017: Pray, Fast and Act for Climate Resiliency; State reports from California, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
  • October 2017: UN Foundation and Climate Change; The Oceans -- A Wealth of Opportunities; State Reports from California and Minnesota
  • September 2017: State reports from California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin
  • August 2017: Pray, Fast, Act in support of care for all of God's creation; State reports from California, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin
  • July 2017: State reports from California, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin.
  • June 2017: Methane Standards; Paris and U.N. Climate Change Conference; Climate Change, Migration and Displacement; State reports from California, Colorado, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Southeastern Synod, Wisconsin
  • May 2017: Climate March, UN Indigenous Issues, State reports from California, Colorado, Wisconsin
  • April 2017: Climate Change Executive Order; State reports from Minnesota and Pennsylvania
  • March 2017: Methane Waste Standards; State reports from California and Wisconsin
  • February 2017: Green Climate Fund; State reports from California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
  • January 2017: State reports: California, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin
  • December 2016: Water Justice in Flint; UN Conference on Climate Change; reports from California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin
  • November 2016: Paris Agreement Update
  • October 2016: Flint Water Aid; Shishmaref, AK
  • September 2016: 100th Anniversary of National Parks; Lutheran Office for Public Policy - California
  • July 2016: Welcoming Ruth Ivory-Moore to the ELCA Advocacy Team; Green Climate Fund
  • June 2016: Pressure builds on Flint, Mich.
  • April 2016: Methane Standards
  • March 2016: Updates and Action on Flint, Mich., DPINGO Briefing on Global Migration
  • February 2016: 2016 Policy Priorities, Justice for Flint, Mich., Sustainable Development Goals
  • December 2015: COP21 Paris, Sustainable Development Goals
  • November 2015: Green Climate Fund; Path to Paris
  • October 2015: Lutheran and Episcopal Leaders Letter; 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda
  • September 2015: Write in support of the Green Climate Fund
  • August 2015: EPA Clean Power Plan Announced

  • July 2015: Vatican Encyclical Laudato Si', Endangered Species Act

August 2011: ELCA Advocacy Offices and LRC Hold Successful Reception at Churchwide. Resources were distributed, and bishops shared reports. ELCA Director of Advocacy Andrew Genzler promoted care for creation efforts across the church. See the full report.