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“Meeting the needs of today’s generations for food, clothing, and shelter requires a sound environment. Action to counter degradation . . . is essential to the future of our children and our children’s
children. Time is very short.”

- ELCA social statement: "Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope, and Justice"

This week, President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China announced new target goals to cut global climate pollution by 2030. Together, the US and China make up over a third ofgreenhouse gas emissions worldwide, making this agreement an excellent step towards reducing the effects of climate change, enhancing global health, and protecting God’s creation. The US-China agreement will also show positive leadership at the international climate negotiations next year in Paris, serving to inspire other countries.

For our country to meet these new targets, the proposed rule under the Clean Air Act to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from existing power plants must be in place. This rule is a key step towards modernizing our nation’s power plants, while limiting our contribution to global climate change, and meeting international expectations for US leadership.

ELCA Advocacy has been involved and active in the proposed power plant rule; from coordinating testimony at public hearings to meeting with key leaders to joining thePeople’s Climate March with thousands of supporters in NY City. We are also encouraging you and other Lutherans to send in comments in support of the proposed rule—over a thousand Lutherans have commented to the EPA so far in support of the rule. The comment period for the rule is closing soon, and if you haven’t yet sent an email, now is the time! Later this month, ELCA Advocacy will present all your comments and written letters directly to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. Please comment now and tell your friends to join our effort! You can submit your comments to the EPA here!

Visit our resources page to learn more about the proposed power plant rule to reduce carbon emissions.

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