The time is now! 
Join our letter campaign to the EPA 
in support of reducing carbon emissions

Last weekend, I joined fellow Lutherans in a march through the streets of New York to demand that global leaders take action to address climate change. As we walked together, many fellow marchers asked me “What is next?” and “What else can we do?” They recognized that marching is not enough. 

I write to you today with an important next step. The United States is poised to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from power plants throughout the country through a rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. However, this rule still needs to be approved and implemented.

This monumental proposal is a great step towards modernizing our nation’s power plants while limiting our contribution to global climate change. We need your help to ensure these rules are implemented and Lutheran voices are heard throughout the process!

Now is the time to weigh in on critical new protections for public health and the health of all God’s children, before it’s too late!

Here are two ways you can join our letter writing campaign to the EPA:

·  Submit your comments to the EPA online now through our Advocacy Action Center. Click here to visit our Advocacy Action Center and send your comment to the EPA

·  Download a printable template letter to the EPA and send your hand written letter to ELCA’s Advocacy Office by October 8, 2014. All letters collected will be presented to EPA officials later in the month. Click here to download a printable template letter

Please encourage members of your congregation and community to take action on this issue! We thank you for your support and dedication to supporting clean air for all of God’s children.

Kindest regards,

Stacy Martin, ELCA Director of Advocacy

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