Green Climate Fund

The ELCA Advocacy Team wishes you a joyous Easter season!

Easter is an invitation to rebirth and renewal for God’s people and all of Creation. As we celebrate the resurrection, we are mindful of the many communities, at home and abroad, for whom the Easter proclamation arrives amidst grave challenges due to a changing climate.

The impacts of climate change, such as famine, drought, severe weather, and other natural disasters, are displacing and jeopardizing the lives of many across the world.  The consequences of climate change fall hardest on our brothers and sisters who are least able to adapt because they live in communities already struggling with poverty and hunger. This sobering reality evokes despair, disbelief and divisiveness. But the good news of Easter starts with the risen Christ who brings forgiveness, hope and reconciliation. The God of resurrection calls us to face the suffering of creation and take action to adapt, and to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels.

In response to the threat of climate change, governments across the globe worked together to create the Green Climate Fund (GCF), an initiative to create international financial support for nations most in need. Last year, as the U.S. urged nations around the world to act, the faith community led efforts to mobilize support. Thanks to support from advocates, lawmakers made a substantial contribution to the GCF in 2015, demonstrating U.S. global leadership and setting a strong example for other countries.

As Martin Luther once observed, “Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.”

Take action this Easter to support the Green Climate Fund at the ELCA Action Center and join us as we stand together for good stewardship of God’s Creation!  

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