Speaking Out for Renewable Energy: ELCA Advocacy on the Road in Colorado
Through its blog, “Voices for Change,” the advocacy ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) travels to different states to explore how Lutheran advocates and congregations lift up issues concerning their communities and our larger nation.

The road trip is stopping in Colorado, where many ELCA members work together to care for God’s creation. By switching to renewable energy sources, recycling, reducing waste and urging lawmakers to adopt strong environmental policies, Lutherans in Colorado are supporting economic growth and sustaining the beauty of Colorado for future generations.

In the coming weeks, we will learn about recent Lutheran advocacy efforts at the Colorado General Assembly that helped pass legislation that protects the environment and drives job creation. The blog will also lift up ELCA congregations that are securing energy from innovative and renewable sources, hearing why these Lutherans are committed to measures that defend God’s earth.
Check out the first post here, or visit http://blogs.elca.org/advocacy/care-for-creation/advocating-for-creation-in-colorado-18. To subscribe to the blog and be notified when there is a new piece, click here or sign up at http://blogs.elca.org/advocacy/.