While personal stewardship is important, substantive change on behalf of creation must also take place at the level of state and federal policy. 

The ELCA is committed to working with our elected leaders to enact just legislation, and Lutherans Restoring Creation seeks to support public policy actions that reduce carbon emissions, encourage responsible land use, and acts to preserve God's good creation.


"Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope and Justice"

ELCA social statement on the environment, adopted in 1993, with introduction, summary, and study guide.


By Ruth Ivory-Moore, ELCA Program Director for Environment and Energy

Divine wisdom is apparent in the created order and guides how we are to live in it....Human wisdom…allows us to make use of God’s gifts and deploy them in ways to give us a better understanding of this world; and to follow through on our mandate to be stewards of all of creation. We use wisdom in science to gather together scientific information and discoveries to further our understanding of our environment. [Read more]

Our Choices Matter

“We can’t grow by repeatedly following prescriptions.  We can grow only by making new choices.  We are the sum total of the choices we have made in the past.  We can change what we are in the future through the choices we make today. Think about that. Who do you choose to become?  What do you choose to accomplish?” 

This quote from Nido Quebein resonated with me.  I had just left a Care of Creation Retreat at the serene, peaceful setting of Luther Glen  located in Yucaipa, CA.  [Read more]

Visiting the beautiful area of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this past September brought competing emotions of extreme joy and anguish.  If you walk far enough along the beach you see, not lush palm trees, but the waves from the ocean beating against the shoreline and against palm trees with exposed roots—a picture of the impact of climate change. [Read More]

from the ELCA Advocacy Office


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Learn more about the ELCA's churchwide and state advocacy resources on environment, global poverty, and other issues.

ELCA Advocacy Updates

Monthly reports of news and initiatives by the ELCA Advocacy office

NEW  "Stirring the Waters: Faith, Science and Action" was the theme  for two days of worship, service, learning and advocacy April 17-18, 2016, sponsored by LAMPa, ELCA Global Mission and the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. [Read More]


For synod resolutions on climate change, fossil fuel divestment, fracking, and other issues, visit the Resolutions page and Synods page.

NEW Clergy Climate Training

Ashland First United Methodist Church

Ashland, Oregon

May 1-3, 2018.

This conference will train ministers to address the reality of climate change in the American West. It is open to all congregations in the western United States and their extension ministries, and offers faith leaders the opportunity to network, learn how to best support their communities and congregations, and process the hope and grief of climate work in a sacred sanctuary space.

 Please e-mail to receive a link to the application.  Application Deadline: March 1.

[More Information]

ELCA Churchwide Pledges to Move Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

August 13th, after days of conversation, discernment and prayer the 2016 churchwide voting assembly voted to pass the Memorial: Towards a Responsible Energy Future. After a grassroots divestment coalition brought together various synodical divestment memorials and the proper parliamentary protocol into one statement, the church is now called to act on the amended version you can read here.

Evangelical Lutheran leaders argue for Ohio energy efficiency and renewable energy
The president of a major Lutheran seminary and one of the three bishops overseeing the 550 Ohio congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are opposing a bill that would stall efficiency programs and the further growth of wind and solar power mandated since 2009. [Read More]

Giving Voice to My Community and Bringing ELCA Advocacy Home
I am Fumi Liang from Huntington Beach California and I want to tell you a story about a group of senior citizens who are trying to make a difference in caring for the environment. [Read More]

On Saturday, December 12, leaders from 195 nations concluded the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris by approving a global agreement to address climate change. This agreement includes a commitment to keep global warming well below 2 degrees. The ELCA welcomes the Paris Accord, and we renew our own commitment to care for all of God's good creation. [Read More]

November 30, 2015 is the first day of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (#COP21). 150 heads of state are gathered in Paris to negotiate an international agreement to address climate change around the world. They are joined by hundreds of leaders and people of faith who are working and praying for an agreement that protects God’s creation and supports those who are most heavily impacted by the effects of our changing climate. Please read for important updates and information on what to look out for in the next 12 days of COP21!

Lutherans Weigh in on PA Clean Power Plan The Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania trained and turned out Lutherans to testify at hearings on the Pennsylvania Clean Power Plan in Fall 2015.  

Fossil Fuel Divestment Perspectives and information on divestment from fossil fuels as a way of combatting climate change and air pollution, and news about synod divestment resolutions.  .

Climate Change 101 ELCA Advocacy Issue Brief

For more actions you can take, more news about how Lutherans are advocating for solutions, and educational resources on climate change, click here.

photo by Carolyn Albert

NEW Justice Advocacy Workshop

Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church, 
Houston, TX

and online (simultaneously), via web meeting

Sun, March 4, 2018
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM CST

Learn how to effectively raise your voice for the voiceless! This training will also cover plans & preparation for advocacy during Faith Climate Action Week in April 

Religious Community Sends Letter to Trump Transition Team

A coalition of 32 faith organizations, including the ELCA, sent a letter on January 11 to President-elect Donald Trump's transition team, declaring that "It is the moral responsibility of our nation, and our sacred task as people of faith, to protect our ecosystems, work for environmental justice, and address climate change. The need for global leadership could not be more urgent."  The letter includes a list of shared principles of stewardship, sustainability, justice and dialogue, as well as policy recommendations on a variety of environmental issues.  [Read more]

Working their Beliefs into the Public Sphere

On Earth Day 2016, a small group of people of faith visited Massachusetts' Senator Ed Markey's office in Boston to detail their hopes for the protection of a special part of the Atlantic ocean habitat. Months later, these advocates, and thousands of their peers, were grateful to hear that the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts area was declared a the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts area was declared a Marine National Monument by President Obama as part of the Antiquities Act

While some faith leaders had been in the activist role before, there were a couple young people initiated into the practice of public involvement for the first time. Lydia Holleck, an 8th grader from Harwich MA and, Thea Morad, an 8 year old from Braintree, MA were at the table, as people of faith, proclaiming the moral imperative to steward our oceans. 

Upon hearing the news of the President's determination from her science teacher earlier this fall, Lydia was blessed with a feeling few citizens get to have in their lifetime. Read her story (and make one of your own). 

Pay Attention:   
Over one million comments were submitted to the Dept of the Interior know what National Monuments mean to you by July 10th in support of keeping our national, natural treasures. Read more details about how people of all faiths have stressed our obligation to care for God's good earth in this way and hear from our youth who have been working locally to defend it. Share an opinion piece with your local papers or online outlets. Read Pastor Jeff Conlon's piece on the moral imperative of this action.  


It has been nearly a year since Flint, Mich., declared a state of emergency over the lead contamination of its water supply. 

In late September, after a series of intense negotiations and hundreds of messages from Lutheran advocates, both the U.S. House and the Senate passed separate amendments to address the water needs of Flint. Both houses passed the GOP-sponsored Water Resources Development Act, a routine bill that authorizes dozens of water projects throughout the U.S., with funding for Flint included. 

Both versions of the bill must be reconciled when legislators return to Washington, D.C., in November, when it is expected to receive a speedy vote. 

ELCA Advocacy action alerts are planned for later this year to help push the bill to the president’s desk after Election Day.


Reflections and resources on Earth Community at the intersection of Earth-care and social justice. Click Here



ELCA World Hunger homepage, Toolkit on Climate Change Connections, "Taking Root: Hunger Causes, Hunger Hopes" Curriculum, Hunger Sermon Starters, and Stories about Creation Care.  Click here.


Noting "the many biblical themes of renewal and liberation that water affords," and the importance of watersheds for environmental justice and creation care, the Assembly resolved to promote awareness, appreciation and stewardship of watersheds and water. Read the resolution

ELCA Advocacy Issue Brief: Clean Water Facts


A webpage on faith and our treatment of animals including links to resources from the Humane Society of the United States, a collection of ELCA statements, action alerts, and more. Click here.

LAMPa Director Testifies on Methane Reductions
Statement of the Rev. Amy Reumann, Director, Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania at the EPA Hearing on Proposed Methane Emissions Reduction Rule for Oil and Gas Operations.

"Push Congress to improve clean air standards" (OpEd piece from The Capital Times, Madison, Wisconsin.)


Interfaith Sermon for MORALtorium Service for Blessing, Advocacy and Activism 
against shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania. 
The Rev. Dr. Leah D. Schade, March 21, 2016.  Text and video.

Mountaintop Removal - ELCA Advocacy Issue Brief

"Sin Boldly" or "God's Love Makes Us Do Crazy Things" by Vicar Axel Kaegler - a sermon referring to fracking.
Read the explanation of this process for extracting natural gas in this article by Pastor Amy Reumann, staff of Lutheran Advocacy Ministry of Pennsylvania

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