ELCA College Conference on Vocation 2012


A Calling to Embrace Creation: Lutheran Higher Education, Sustainability, and Stewardship

Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 30 - August 1, 2012

Monday, July 30

3:00-5:00      Registration/Lodging Assignments/Refreshments (Anderson Hall, Lobby)


5:00-6:45       Opening Dinner (East Commons, Christensen Center)              


7:00-8:30       Session 1 (Foss Center, Chapel)

                        Luther on God, Vocation, and Ongoing Creation (God active in the world) 

                        Ann Pederson, Augustana College, SD  


8:30-9:00       Evening Prayer  (Foss Center, Chapel)


9:00                Refreshments  (Foss Center, Concourse)                                                                           


Tuesday, July 31

7:30-8:30       Breakfast (East Commons, Christensen Center) and Vocation of a Lutheran College Conference 101 (Riverside Room, Christensen Center)                                                                                         


8:30-9:15       Worship Service with Communion (Foss Center, Chapel)


9:30-11:00    Session 2 (Foss Center, Chapel)

                        A Lutheran ethic of environmental stewardship (or care for the earth).                            

Jim Martin-Schramm, Luther College 


11:15-12:15  Small Group Dialogue—  (multiple locations)


12:15-1:00    Lunch (East Commons, Christensen Center)


1:15-2:45       Session 3 (Foss Center, Chapel)

A Matter of Justice: Disproportionate effects of environmental degradation on the poor and powerless.

Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Seattle University 


2:45-3:00       Break (Foss Center, Concourse)


3:00-5:00       Session 4 (Foss Center, Chapel)

                        Embodying Environmental Stewardship: Practical solutions on campus—Panel           

§  Augustana College, RI—Garry Griffith, director of food services

§  Concordia College—Kenneth Foster

§  Gustavus Adolphus College—Jim Dontje


5:30-6:30       Reception (lower lever, Trinity Lutheran Offices, 2001 Riverside Avenue)           


6:30-               Dinner on own in Minneapolis           


Wednesday, August 1

7:30-8:30       Breakfast  (East Commons, Christensen Center) and Vocation of a Lutheran College Conference 101 (Riverside Room, Christensen Center)                                                                                           


8:30-8:50       Devotions—Dwelling in the Word (Foss, Chapel)         


9:00-10:30    Small Group Dialogue—  (multiple locations)


10:30-10:45  Break (Foss, Concourse)


10:45-12:15 Session 5 (Foss, Chapel) 

                        Role of a Lutheran College in Public Advocacy: Administrative implications    

Baird Tipson, former President of Wittenberg College


12:15              Closing Remarks & Evaluations (Foss, Chapel)             


12:30              Closing Prayer & Blessing (Foss, Chapel)


12:45-1:30    Lunch (Foss Center, Concourse)