Litany for our Covenant with Creation

use this litany with the  Personal Covenant with Creation (Long version or Short version)

L: For the marvelous grace of your Creation, we pour out our thanks to You, our God.

C: We praise you, O Lord,

for plants growing in earth and water, for life inhabiting lakes and seas, for life creeping in soils and land, for creatures living in wetlands and waters, for life flying above earth and sea, for beasts dwelling in woods and fields.

L: How many and wonderful are your works, our God! In wisdom you have made them all!

C: But we confess, dear Lord,

As creatures privileged with care and keeping of Your Creation that we have abused Your Creation gifts through arrogance, ignorance, and greed. We confess, Lord, that we often are unaware of how deeply we have hurt Your good earth and its marvelous gifts. We confess that we are often unaware of how our abuse of creation has also been an abuse of ourselves. For our wrongs, Lord, we ask forgiveness. We offer our repentance. We promise to reverence Your Creation as a gracious gift entrusted to us by You, our God. We promise anew to be stewards and not pillagers of what You have entrusted to us.

L: Creator God,

C. You have given us every reason to learn and promote this wisdom of lives lived in harmony with Creation. May you daily be present with us, gracing our service, our loving, our striving, through Christ Jesus, our Lord.

C: Amen

adapted from the North American Conference on Christianity and Ecology (Earth Prayers, 1991)