Covenant with Creation (brief version)

Covenant with Creation

As a member of this community, I dedicate myself to the care and redemption of all that God has made. Therefore I agree to take the following actions out of respect for and kinship with all creation. (Please check all the specific ways you intend to fulfill this covenant)

__ Aluminum Cans and steel cans
__ All kinds of glass containers
__ Plastic Containers
__ All Paper Products: newspaper, office paper, magazines and cardboard.

__ Avoid use of paper and plastic bags-by using canvas or cloth bags
__ Using ceramic or travel mugs instead of paper or styrofoam
__ Use the reverse side of paper for memos and notes

Conserve Energy:
__ Keep the temperature down
__ Insulate windows and doors
__ Turn off lights and other electrical items when not in use

Conserve Water
__ Turn off water when not using sink or shower
__ Limit use of water on lawn and car-washing

Consume Resources Wisely:
__ Eat intentionally and locally, lower on the food chain
__ Limit or eliminate the use of red meat
__ Simplify lifestyle and purchasing habits

Monitor Automobile Emissions and Use of Fuel
__ Use alternative means of transportation
__ Keep car in clean working order

Commune with Nature:
__ Spend more time intentionally outside

Political Advocacy
__ Stay aware and active in legislative efforts to protect the environment