Care for Creation Mission Statement for Congregations

Short Version:

We affirm our commitment to care for God’s creation. As a congregation, we will incorporate creation-care into our worship life, the educational program, the maintenance of building and grounds, our personal discipleship at home and work, and in our public witness. We seek to make caring for God’s creation an integral part of the identity and mission of our life together.

Full Version:

Lutherans Restoring Creation

Congregational Care-for-Creation Mission Statement


As a congregation committed to care for creation, we affirm God’s creation in all its glory and beauty. We acknowledge God as the source of all things. We acknowledge Christ as the redeemer of all things. We acknowledge the Spirit as the sustainer of all things. As a result, we strive to respect all of life as sacred. We accept our vocation as Earth-keepers who care for creation. We accept our responsibility to live justly in relation to our fellow human beings in ways that all creatures may mutually thrive together.


Worship: We seek to worship throughout the year so that we express our gratitude and praise to God as creator, redeemer, and sustainer. We are committed to glorify God intentionally together with all creation. In worship, we will celebrate creation, confess our sins against creation, grieve the losses of creation, and commit ourselves to care for Earth.


Education: We seek to learn about the biblical, theological, and ecclesial traditions concerning creation, including the biblical mandate calling us to care for Earth. We seek to learn about the degradations of creation due to human activity, how these degradations are causing human suffering and oppression, especially among the poor and vulnerable, how we as Christians are implicated, and what we as Christians can do to restore Earth-community for future generations.


Building and Grounds: We agree to assess the impact that our activities and learn how the use and maintenance of our property may have upon creation—in such matters as energy and water use, cleaning products, lawn care, paper use, food choices, recycling and waste, and transportation. We will strive to make choices that lessen our negative impact on Earth and that serve to renew and restore Earth community.


Discipleship as Home and Work: We encourage ourselves as individual members of this congregation—at whatever age, economic level, ethnic group, or walk of life—to care for creation in our personal lifestyle, in our homes, and at our work—knowing that our habits and practices can contribute significantly to care for creation. We seek to foster a closer relationship with nature so that we can live simply and walk lightly upon Earth.


Public Ministry: We seek to change the systems that foster the degradation of creation and to rectify the human injustices that result from it. And we seek to alert members to environmental policies and legislation that protects creation and to encourage their active participation in the development of public policy. We encourage members to engage in civic activities that foster ecological health.


Because we desire to leave Earth a better place for our children, we will promote love and respect for creation among our youth, teach them responsible Earth-care practices, and engage them in projects that restore creation. We will pursue this mission in a grace-filled manner, seeking to find hope and joy in the commitments and sacrifices these provisions may entail and in the restorations they engender. We seek to let our care for creation be known to others.