Biblical and Theological Foundations for Earth Care

We are organizations with Lutheran roots and identity. No doubt you have reflected long and hard on the biblical and theological foundations for the ministry in which you are engaged. But what about the theological foundations for care of the Earth? Is it not important to know why we as Christians should include care for creation in our ministry? Here are three such resources for your consideration.

1. Biblical Foundations for Earth Care

·        This is an essay on key biblical ideas for our vocation as Earth-keepers and the passages that support them. Click here for a reflection called Love God, Love your Neighbor, Care for Creation: Our Human Vocation according to the Bible.”


2. Lutheran Theological Foundations for Earth Care

·        Here are ten reasons, briefly stated, that explain why we as Lutherans are especially given to care for creation. Link to “Ten Reasons Why Lutherans Care for Creation.”

3. Theological Foundations for Care of Buildings and Grounds.

·        Here is a reflection on the theological reasons why it matters for us to make decisions about our property that express love of God’s creation. Click here to see a reflection called “Theological Reflection: Buildings and Grounds as Model of Care for Creation.”


4. Theological Foundations for Stewardship.


·        As you engage in fund raising for social ministry, keep in mind that there are good reasons to invite people to share their gifts for the stewardship of creation that you are exercising in your ministry. Here is a theological reflection on “The Stewardship of Creation.”