Bible and Ecology

GreenFaith U presented  a two-part, week-long webinar series on the Bible and the Environment - from Jewish and Christian perspectives - in February 2014. Listen to the recordings
Check out these resources:


Bible Verses: A list of NRSV Bible passages for personal use. There are 52 quotations so that you can give these to the person who does the bulletin to include one for each week as a Green Team Message or a Care for Creation Reminder.
Biblical Foundations for Earth-Care. “Love God, Love Your Neighbor, Care for Creation: The Human Vocation according to the Bible.” An outline by David Rhoads identifying eleven key biblical themes with supporting quotations that support our commitment to care for creation.


Devotional resources: Information on the Green Bible, The Green Bible Devotional, Earth Gospel by Sam Hamilton Poore, and a link to the booklet “Stewardship of Creation: 30 Days with Nature. “


Bible and Ecology Website: sponsored by Lutherans Restoring Creation with information about many resources in print and online.


Bibliography on Bible and Ecology: A list of current works on the Bible and nature that foster creation-care.


“Guidelines for Reading/Preaching Care for Creation from the Bible.” A chapter from The Season of Creation by Norman Habel, David Rhoads, and Paul Santmire.


 “Who Will Speak for the Sparrow? Eco-Justice Criticism of the New Testament.” An article by David Rhoads outlining how to read the New Testament in support of ecological justice.


“Rapture in Reverse: Reading Revelation Ecologically, for the Love of Creation.” An article by Barbara Rossing.


“Reflections on a Lutheran Theology of Creation: Foundations for a New Reformation”: An article by David Rhoads outlining the challenge to the church in the 21st century including reflections on reading the Bible with a new canon within the canon.