Between Economy and Ecology: A Saturday Workshop

Between Economy and Ecology

A stewardship workshop for seminarians, pastors, and leaders in ELCA congregations

Saturday April 6 2013, 9am-3.15pm at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Sponsored by The Stewards of Abundance/The Stewardship and Tithing Foundation at LSTC


9-12 Lecture Jim Martin Schramm, Luther College

This lecture will introduce a large solar energy project on the campus of Luther College in Decorah/IA. It will also explain the relevance of energy efficiency profiles and it will present options for small solar energy projects, for instance, in residential houses. The lecture will demonstrate how energy saving and the production of solar energy is a form of good stewardship.


12- 1pm Lunch: made from locally grown produce/LSTC refectory


1-2pm and 2.15-3.15 pm workshops. All workshops can be offered in both time slots; the tour to the methane gas plant (Nr. 6) will only be offered from 1-2pm.  

            1.     Energy efficiency in newly constructed buildings. An example (tour). Julian Dawson.

            2.     Simple living. An introduction. Beth Stewart.

            3.     Green practices & the ELCA Metro Chicago synod's no-interest revolving loan fund for lighting improvements. An illumination. Ken Westlake.

            4.     How does Eco-Theology speak to Urban Areas? With a sidelong glance at Joe Sittler. An edification. Matt Frost, LSTC.

            5.  The Energy Stewards Initiative for congregations. A program. Warren Gaskill, Madison.  

            6. Methane gas production from organic waste. A tour to a ball of energy. John Edel, Chicago.

            . Web resources for energy efficient congregations. A virtual perspective. NN


The event will take place at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.
1100 E 55thstreet, Chicago IL 60615. Free and open to the public.


Contact data of presenters:

Julian Dawson, 454 E 44th street Chicago IL 60653 phone 312-805 4405

Beth Stewart

Ken Westlake

John Edel, The Plant 1400 W 46th street Chicago IL

Matt Frost,

Warren Gaskill