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September to November

Season of Creation: Check out our companion site, Let All Creation Praise, for all the resources you need to celebrate a four week Season of Creation (during the month of September). The Season of Creation offers worshipers an opportunity to turn their full attention toward God the creator and toward their relationship with the whole creation.  NEW Spanish version of Year C: The Wisdom Series now available!


Saint Francis Day and Blessing of the Animals: Check out on our companion site,, all the resources needed to celebrate Saint Francis Day, early in October, with a blessing of the animals (including human animals). See service and sermon.

Stewardship Programs and Ecology
Sermon resource by David Rhoads to incorporate care of creation into stewardship programs. Also, a set of "Beatitude for Earth Stewards"

Stewardship and a Covenant with Creation: Long versionShort version. Plus brief Covenant Ritual as part of worship service

Educational Programming for Fall

Earthbound Series. Excellent resource for educational programs and forums. Learn more about this Lutheran DVD program for six weeks series. 

See also: Autumn Worship: Planning for Worship from September through November at our partner site, Let All Creation Praise

(Eco-)Reformation Day: Take this opportunity to reflect on the reformation that the church needs in order to address the ecological issues of creation we face today. See "A Lutheran Theology of Creation: Foundations for a New Reformation": article by David Rhoads proposing an Eco-Reformation for the church, our theologies, and our practices.  The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation is in 2017 -- find more Reformation-related ideas and resources here.


Harvest Festival. Here is an opportunity to express gratitude for the harvest throughout your country and the world, for the produce of the community garden at your church, and for the food you have grown at home. Section is under construction.


See the December-February page for Advent and Christmas ideas and resources.  .