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Earth Day Resource 2015


Our 2015 Earth Day resource is finally here!

"Have you anything here to eat?" 

Sustainable Food in a Changing Climate

Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22nd and many congregations are celebrating in their churches on April 19th or the 26th.  This year, the resource is available online only and there is a web page to accompany the resource.  It includes many extras like sermon prep, Christian education ideas, song suggestions, denominational resources and much more.  Use this page in conjuction with the resource for an exciting and meaningful Earth Day Sunday.

Download the resource here.

As you plan your Earth Day service, education hour, or other activities, please let us know how we can be helpful.  We would also love to hear about how your celebration goes! Tweet us at @CreationJustice, post to our Facebookwall, or send us an email.

Blessings to you and your congregation this Earth Day!


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