Care for Creation Planning: March to May
See also: Planning Worship from February into May at our partner site, Let All Creation Praise

Lenten observances: See December to February.


Good Friday:

Crucifying the Prairie: An Eco-Theology of Resistance for Good Friday, by Jacob J. Erickson


Easter Season: Celebrate new creation 


Service of the "Greening of theCross."

April 5: Global Day of Prayer for Climate Action On this day and throughout the corresponding week, individuals and organizations with members all over the world will come together to offer a prayer--either private or corporate--for faithful leadership on climate.

Earth Day, April 22:  Observe Earth Week and Earth Sunday with special liturgies and preaching.

Earth Day, now a world-wide observance involving one billion people, is always on April 22. See Earth Day Network for the Campaign for Communities "Global Day of Conversation" and EDN's "A Billion Acts of Green".EDN also has a Green Schools campaign and an Educators Network.

Celebrate Earth Day with your Congregation!
  • Join our ELCA Advocacy network in advocating for our leaders to address climate change;
  • Make prayer and service part of your celebrations with Lutherans Restoring Creation’s Earth Day activities;
  • Learn about how we can care for all of God’s creation with resources from Creation Justice Ministries. LEARN MORE
Earth Day Sunday Resources from Let All Creation Praise including liturgies, a sermon, and more.  

Earth Justice Ministries Congregational Resources for Earth Day Sunday

NEW Each year, Creation Justice Ministries offers a resource to help Christian communities pray, learn, and act on a certain issue. The 2018 theme is "Sense of Place" and the resource offers insights about living in harmony with local ecosystems and watersheds, as well as rightly sharing places with a diversity of peoples. Find Bible study, sermon starter, liturgical, and action materials when you download it.

Earth Sunday resources from previous years:

 Faith Climate Action Week

NEW The Faith Climate Action Week (formerly known as the Preach-In on Global Warming) will take place during Earth Week, April 15- 24, 2016. Celebrations, sermons, service projects, events, and nature walks will be held, all week, around the signing of the landmark Paris Climate Accord in New York City at the United Nations. Sign up to receive information and activities  around this exciting event.

After Earth Day

Enjoy a Cool Harvest
Did you know that almost one-fifth of climate change pollution comes from the food industry and our own food choices? Find out how you can help! Download your instant, free Cool Harvest  kit. Cool Harvest is a food, faith, and climate program for congregations brought to you by Interfaith Power & Light. The "Enjoy a Cool Harvest" guide will help you plan and host a potluck gathering. As you will learn, the foods that are healthier for the planet are also healthier for our bodies. You will also be able to download the spring "Sow a Cool Harvest" guide for planning and creating sustainable vegetable gardens.


Arbor Day

Plant Trees. This year, celebrate Arbor Day by planting trees on your church property and by encouraging members to plant trees --in commemoration, for beauty, or for shade next to buildings to provide lower energy costs.  All are ways to lower our carbon footprint. 

Visit the Arbor Day website for ideas and information, consult with the city arborist or other local expert, and learn more about the beauty of trees and the value of trees and forests for the support of life on our planet. Get 10 free trees at There is a brief tree-planting ceremony on our companion site,

NEW Endangered Species Day - May 18

First approved by the U.S. Senate in 2006, the purpose of Endangered Species Day is to expand awareness of the importance of protecting endangered species, to promote habitat conservation, to share success stories of species recovery, and to highlight the everyday actions people can take.

On May 18 and throughout May, churches, conservation organizations, schools, zoos and aquariums, parks, wildlife refuges, botanic gardens, and other groups throughout the country will participate in events and activities to celebrate this national day of recognition.

Creation Justice Ministries has a toolkit to help your faith community celebrate. Download it directly, and find accompanying faith-based resources at you can donate to cover postage, they will send you bulletin inserts in the mail. Send your request to  (while supplies last.)


Rogation Day

Sunday around April 25. Blessings for the fertility of the church garden, farms and gardens of members, and bounty in the land to feed the poor. See Rogation Day sermon by Barbara Brown Taylor. 

Mother's Day

Celebrate "Mother Earth Day" with special prayers and blessings. One congregation held a panel of garden specialists promoting healthy gardening practices. Another planted trees. Write letters in support of earth-Friendly public policies. Be creative. Find a way to celebrate and honor Mother Earth on Mother's day!


Transportation Month (May or June)

As part of our monthly emphasis, LRC offers resources to observe transportation month. Check out all the resources—information, study guide, bulletin announcements, suggestions for congregation and home, and a letter template to send to elected representatives. See how Resurrection Lutheran Church in Racine, WI observed a month-long emphasis on transportation as a means to live simply and to reduce carbon use—with bicycles, smart cars, and more.