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Care for Creation Planning: June to August

Here are some suggestions for creation-care during the summer months

Worship outside: Take the opportunity to have your worship serves or segments of them outside wither on your church property or at a nearby location reflecting natural beauty— Maybe it's at a lakeside or surrounded by the hymns of birds on your own church lawn or at a Bible camp or worship at a park campground—with an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the ecological state of the habitat.

Ten exercises to deepen your relationship with the rest of nature. Urge members to try some of these ideas as they enjoy the warmer weather (at least in a northern climate!).
"Treating your church property as an Earth Community". An reflection by David Rhoads on ways to interrelate with the plants and animals on your property as a community.

Vacation Church School: There are now materials available to make nature a focus of summer programs for children. Or develop your own. If you have a community garden at your church, caring for the garden can be an integral part of every vacation church school.

See, for example, Renew – The Green VBS, based on the parable of the sower.

See also: Planning Worship from June through August at our partner site, Let All Creation Praise

Green your SanctuaryYou can also visit the sanctuary section of our companion website to consider ways to bring the outside into your regular worship environment.

Observe an Energy Sabbath. Where it is safe and pleasant to be outdoors, turn off all electrical items in your home and enjoy the natural energy of the sun and the energy of the stars and the reflected energy of the moon at night.

Father's Day Project:  Collect Neckties for Quilts: Collect old ties and contribute them to Prairie Moon Quilts (, which makes quilts from the ties and contributes the quilts and the proceeds to charities. Send the collected ties to Prairie Moon Quilts: Necktie Project, 31763 Intrepid Road, Macon, MO 63552.