Care for Creation Planning: December to February

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Planning for Worship from December through February (Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany) and 

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Advent Season: Advent is a season of preparation and gift giving. Why not anticipate the gift of the Christ child by walking lightly on God’s good creation?

  • Green ChristmasPlan early to engage the congregation in making choices that see advent as an opportunity to avoid the commercialism of the season and observe practices that honor God’s creation in anticipation of birth of the Christ child.
  • Green Holiday: Reflections and suggestions by Polly Waara.

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Climate Change and the Modern-day Slaughter of the Innocents

First Sunday of Christmas 2016

Sermons from EcoPreacher

Epiphany Season: Epiphany Season is the season of light. This would be a good opportunity to encourage members to lower sources of electricity and heat in their house.

  •  Guide to Lower Energy Use in Your Home: Room by Room: Hold a forum or workshop encouraging members to do an energy assessment of their house in winter. Make this seven page guide available to members and ask them to choose steps from the Guide. Invite people to report what changes they made.
St. Valentine's Day and the month of February
Love Creation!  Participate in the annual Interfaith Power and Light National Preach-in on Climate Change - find information and resources (which can also be used for Earth Day/Week/Month) here.  Sample sermons from Lutheran churches here.

Lent: Lent is a time to prepare our hearts for the sacrifice of ourselves in anticipation of the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf. Make choices that do not sacrifice God’s creation but bless it.

  • Carbon Fasting for Lent. The United Church of Christ in Massachusetts sponsors an ecumenical carbon fast for Lent. Receive daily e-mail with message and a action to reduce carbon output. Sign-up for 2013 is at:
  • Vegetarian Mondays in Lent. Full resources for observing vegetable Mondays for six weeks of lent: introduction, prayers, recipes, facts about hunger. You may already be vegetarian. If so we applaud you. If you eat meat, we hope that you to choose meat raised by farmers using Earth-friendly practices that treat animals humanely and produce healthy food. Congregations can enlist individuals and families to observe one day a week with a vegetarian meal, designed to reduce the carbon emissions that come from the raising of animals for food. Contribute the money saved to ELCA World Hunger Campaign. Contribute meatless recipes that we will post on the site to David Rhoads at
  • Lent 4.5: Christian Simplicity. A Seven-Session Course for Protecting God's Creation, Embracing Christian Justice, and Nurturing Spiritual Fulfillment by The Passionist Center of St. Louis.   <learn more
  • Renewing the Face of the Earth: Lenten Reflections on Air. For vibrant Lenten faith-sharing groups using material with an ecological emphasis, check out this program developed by Terri MacKensie, SHCJ for catholic audiences (adapt as needed). A five-session resource, “Renewing the Face of the Earth” can enhance group prayer and sharing, build community, deepen awareness of God's presence and action within creation, increase participants' understanding of air pollution and global warming, and motivate participants to action. This free resource is available for downloading:  For a companion Web site with lots of Earth images, go to