Agenda for LRC Seminary Initiative Conference Call October 4, 2012

LRC Seminary Initiative:  

Agenda for Conference call 10-4-12

Steering Committee members:  Lisa Dahill (facilitator, TLS): Mark Brocker (PLTS); Dan Brunner (George Fox); Samuel Giere (Wartburg); Shauna Hannan (LTSS); Cynthia Moe-Lobeda (Seattle U.); Richard Perry (LSTC); Nelson Rivera (LTSP); Barbara Rossing (LSTC), Jim Schaal (LSTC), Kathryn Schifferdecker (Luther Sem); Jim Martin-Schramm (Luther College), John Spangler (LTSG); Gil Waldkoenig (LTSG)


1. Introductions and prayer.


2. Co-Chairs for 2012-2013 academic year: Lisa Dahill. Gil Waldkoenig had to withdraw due to other unexpected responsibilities. Therefore, we need a co-chair to work with Lisa during this year until John Spangler is available next year.  More than two?


3. The name: LRC Seminary Initiative or Lutheran Seminary Initiative? What else?


4. The composition of the steering committee. OK? Any further suggestions?


5. First goal is that each seminary has a green team and reports the status, composition, and plans for 2012-2013. [Stories, case studies, interesting news for LRC web site]. Please do so to Dave Rhoads ASAP. [Are Green Teams in place at every seminary, who are the contacts, and does each have a faculty, board member, administrator, faculty and students?]


6. Certification programs update. Blessed Earth Seminary Stewardship Alliance & GreenFaith Seminary Certification Program are emerging networks. Brunner & Waldkoenig will attend a BE SSA conference in September and report to this committee. Same individuals were GreenFaith Fellows and will be able to report GreenFaith Seminary Certification developments when they take next steps.


7. Next meeting time: Thursday November 8 at 4:00 ET?


8. Other items to discuss and assign leadership.

·         Challenge to seminaries – goals benchmarks. Compare Presidents Climate Commitment among colleges/universities


·         Disciplines profiles for LRC web site. Ecological hermeneutics in biblical studies, environmental ethics in theological ethics, eco-theology, ecological spirituality, environmental history and religion


·         Bishops Ready Bench on Environment – involve them in this group


·         Deans and presidents meetings – get the agendas, get on the agendas


·         Facebook page for LRC – get students to jump-start


·         Meeting again in person – money to do so; grant-writing



Closing: Subjects of subsequent calls?