Energy Stewards Initiative

Supplemental Actions for the Congregation and Its Members

There is an Energy Stewards action table for steps to be taken by the Energy Steward and the Energy Steward team in assessing and lowering the energy consumption of the congregational building and grounds. In addition, we offer here a corresponding action table for the congregation as a whole and for the members of the congregation.

These actions should be led by members of the congregation other than the property committee or members of the Energy Stewards Team. Perhaps an individual can be designated. Or perhaps there is a green team or a social ministry team who can take leadership in these actions to complement and enhance what is being done for the building and grounds of the congregation in the Energy Stewards Initiative. These actions are an important part of reducing the energy use and the carbon footprint of your congregation.

These actions are optional. Nevertheless, embracing some or all of them will multiply your impact as Lutherans seeking to restore creation.

1. Congregational approval of the Energy Stewards Program and signing of agreement between your congregation and the Energy Stewards Initiative.

2. A brief ritual to be carried out within a worship service to install the two-year term Energy Steward for your congregation. Perhaps also for a person leading this complementary program. Provided by the ESI program resources.

3. The establishment of a Green team or Creation Care task Force in your congregation. Lots of resources for this are available at the sidebar "Churches/ Green Team" on this site:

4. Worship service of reconciliation between humans and nature.For resources for care for creation worship, visit our companion site:

5. Introduction and consideration of the “Cool Congregation Program,” designed to engage members of the congregation to lower their energy use at home. This is a cooperative program with Interfaith Power and Light.

6. Opportunities for advocacy as action alerts come from the ELCA advocacy office regarding matters related to US energy policy.

7. Resources to do a month-long focus of the congregation on reducing energy for lighting at members homes.

8. Resources to do a month--long focus of the congregation on energy for heating and air conditioning at members homes.

9. A “Personal Covenant with Creation” to be filled out by members of the congregation for their personal commitment to an earth-care lifestyle of discipleship. Provided by the ESI program.

10. Do a workshop for members to “Green Your Home and Yard.”

11. Establish an accountability groups to strengthen an Earth-friendly lifestyle of participating members.