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Nick Utphall

My name is Nick Utphall. I’d like to say you could find me most often out on a bike or along a trail in the woods, but at the moment I’m sitting in front of my computer, just like you.

This computer is at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Monona, WI, and I’ve been working from this desk since 2004 as the associate pastor of the congregation. They’re a great group of folks who have started a community garden, glean food for the pantry from the local farmers’ market, compost their coffee grounds, have held bike to church Sundays, had innovative outdoor worship, and put up with (or actively engaged!) my preaching on Christ’s love and work for the entire cosmos. Among my favorite weeks here each year is Vacation Bible School, as I get to splash and dig and explore with kids here.

I find myself more and more excited about that broad understanding of God in Christ. This summer, the congregation developed a 14-week Season of Creation lectionary to explore some of the expanse and join our song of praise with the birds and other creatures. This continues to provoke in me the sense that I am called not just for the people of this place but for the much larger local community that is creation, and for the needs (both Law and Gospel) of these people in the relationships of this household, this oikos.

I am a bike commuter. When I am able to get out on a trail with a backpack, I really enjoy it. My own gardens mostly fend for themselves. I help manage the companion website www.LetAllCreationPraise.org and serve on the board of Wisconsin Interfaith Power & Light. I hope these computer resources, along with our bibles and congregations and newspapers and much more, can become faithful tools to call us into stewardship.

Pastor Nick Utphall,
St. Stephen's Lutheran Church
Monona, WI