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The Rev. Johan Bergh

As a child I was a city boy,  born in Brooklyn, NY, growing up in Northwest Chicago proper, then a suburban boy, with some years in Toledo, Ohio. In all of these places, covered with concrete or expanding development, I was outside. I think it was a combination of my mother wanting us kids to “get some fresh air” and then my captivation by the energy of play and exploration once outdoors that initially brought my heart, and later my mind, to the conservation and preservation of creation. 

As I was caught by and taught in the Christian faith, lived out in our Lutheran tradition, I could clearly see that love of God meant love of God’s creation. My undergraduate study and degree in Environmental Education was launched by social awareness in the early 70’s (yes, I remember the first Earth Day in 1970!). 

As a Greenfaith Fellow today, I appreciate the importance religious leaders of all faiths learning how to integrate environmental stewardship into their faith practices. I enjoy helping key influencers in faith communities bring creation care to its rightful place of significance in the life and mission of their community.  I love helping individuals and organizations move from “A to B,” taking the steps that will move them forward in God’s mission for them.  

We need to get real and get practical when it comes to helping our congregations take steps in going green. I appreciate Lutherans Restoring Creation’s wealth of resources and love helping others tap into them and get going!

Johan Bergh currently serves as Pastor of St. Philip Lutheran Church in Mt. Dora, Florida.  His specific role in environmental work is serving as Lutherans Restoring Creation Coach for the Greenfaith Certification Program.