Who are we?

In addition to our Board of Directors and Advisory Board there are many people that make up the strong network of "green sheep" working on integrating care for creation into the life of the church. 

Find out how you can work with these folks by writing to Executive Director, Phoebe Morad at info@lutheransrestoringcreation.org
LRC Profiles
Steven Beumer, White House "Champion for Change"

When I was child growing up one of my favorite pastimes was getting a big book of connect the dot puzzles and working away on them. It was amazing to see the dots turn into dogs and fire trucks. Our faith communities have many “dots” imbedded in our traditions that address many issues. The environment is one of them. People of faith all share a great reverence and awe for what God has created. [Read More]

 Louis Tillman, LSTC Student

I have had the honor of being among 100 amazing and incredible climate activists from every corner of the world in Rome. We all came from different faiths but we breathe the same air, we share the same trees and we live on the same earth. . . .The multicultural and enriching discussions exploring the deeply connected faith teachings we all have showed me that our common cause of protecting our environment transcends borders, cultures, religions, race and background and means we are truly one family of God's creation on earth appointed to protect all the things we love. Now let's start changing the world, one person at a time. [Read More]

Kaila Hochalter, Youth Ministries Coordinator

I feel so blessed not only to be called by the Holy Spirit to serve as Pastor at Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer and in the community of Fort Morgan, Brush, and Wiggins in Northern Colorado but also to have another calling to care for God’s creation . . . . [Read More]

Todd Garcia-Bish 
Outdoor Ministries Page Editor

Todd is the Director of Environmental Education at Camp Lutherlyn in Prospect, Pennsylvania. Todd began his career at Camp Lutherlyn in 1993 when he was hired as Director of Applied Environmental Science. His tasks in this position included development of a maple sugaring program and a program that would educate students about sustainability.[Read More]

The Rev. John Spangler, Seminaries Initiative Co-Chair

The Rev. John R. Spangler is Co-Chair of the LRC Seminary Initiative.  He serves as Executive Assistant to the President for Communication and Planning for the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. As the team leader for the seminary's planning, assessment and governance support efforts, he has led recent campus development projects to make Gettysburg Seminary a leading green institution.


 The Rev. Leah Schade, Pastor and Ph.D. Student

As a young person,  I instinctively felt an intimate connection between the natural sacred places and my own small self, a connection that felt deeply violated whenever I helplessly witnessed the destruction of these wild landscapes.  [Read More]

Mary Minette, Mercy Investment Services

After nearly 10 years of service as ELCA Advocacy director for Environmental Policy and Education, Mary Minette completed her work with the ELCA Advocacy Office and has moved to a new position, where she is continuing to work for creation justice.

"As a champion of all the vulnerable people and creatures of Earth and a powerful advocate for our living Earth community, Mary has made so many significant contributions and taken so many effective actions. More than that, she has generated an ethos of commitment that has spread into so many areas of the church. We thank her for her partnership with LRC, her friendship with so many of us, her collegiality, and her many expressions of the Spirit. We pray for all the best of God’s richest blessings to Mary and her family in the transition."

-- David Rhoads, LRC Director

Kristina Johnson, Colleges and Universities Page Student Editor

My name is Kristina Johnson. I am currently a student at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. As I have grown in both my faith and my passion for the environment, I have continually found ways in which the two intertwine. I find that there are many ways in which God is calling us to be stewards for the beautiful earth which he has created. I believe that creation care is not just something that we as Christians should do, it is something that we are called to do. This is why I am currently pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Religion. I want to find a way to promote the development of sustainable practices, influenced and founded by faith.  [Read More]

Connie Barclay, Colleges and Universities Page Co-Editor

My name is Connie Barclay, member of First Lutheran in Decorah, IA. Currently I serve as the chair of our Green Team/Property Committee. My awareness of the need to nurture our precious earth is a confluence of events and opportunities over the last decades. I am employed at Luther College, which is highly committed to green practices and takes pains to inform and educate its community of the need to reduce our carbon footprint. Working with two passionate educators, Professors Jim Martin-Schramm and Ruth Kath, I have been involved in the planning of several greening conferences and events. I also serve as co-editor of the colleges and universities page of Lutherans Restoring Creation. [Read More]

Ron Rude, ELCA Campus Pastor

While leading workshops/conferences recently in Racine, WI and Fort Collins, CO on “Sustainable/Faithful Living,” I was struck by two things. First, contrary to popular perceptions, many Christians are desperately surprised and appreciative of a pastor/theologian of the church who integrates Christian faith and the natural sciences, especially evolutionary biology, astronomy, geology, and paleoanthropology. They apparently are not hearing much of this in our congregations. [Read More]

The Rev. Johan Bergh

As a child I was a city boy,  born in Brooklyn, NY, growing up in Northwest Chicago proper, then a suburban boy, with some years in Toledo, Ohio. In all of these places, covered with concrete or expanding development, I was outside. As I was caught by and taught in the Christian faith, lived out in our Lutheran tradition, I could clearly see that love of God meant love of God’s creation. [Read More]

Pastor Nick Utphall

My name is Nick Utphall. I’d like to say you could find me most often out on a bike or along a trail in the woods, but at the moment I’m sitting in front of my computer, just like you. This computer is at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Monona, WI. They’re a great group of folks who have started a community garden, glean food for the pantry from the local farmers’ market, compost their coffee grounds, have held bike to church Sundays, had innovative outdoor worship, and put up with (or actively engaged!) my preaching on Christ’s love and work for the entire cosmos. [Read More]